October 2017

Introducing our Resident Nail & Beauty Tutor, Jane Pickering SSRH, MGTL

Oct 18,17by Cirque

    Jane Pickering joined our team of tutors & assessors here at Cirque Talent Academy, in February 2017. Jane is …

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Writers Block Anyone?

Oct 17,17by Cirque

  If anyone says they have never suffered from writer’s block then they are either a, pulling your leg or …

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Cirque Private Tutoring

Oct 16,17by Cirque

Cirque aims to provide individualised academic instruction in a positive, innovative and caring environment.  Our qualified and experienced Tutors focus …

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An Integrated Management System (IMS)

Oct 16,17by Cirque

An Integrated Management System (IMS) integrates all of an organisation’s systems and processes in to one complete framework, enabling a …

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New Season, New Brows!

Oct 11,17by Cirque

   New season, new brows… or so I thought, how wrong I was!!  How I didn’t realise the microblading phenomenon …

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World Mental Health Day Self-Actualising: it’s what we should be doing

Oct 10,17by Cirque

Self-actualisation, derived from humanistic psychology represents the optimal psychological condition for all humankind; basically, it is an inherent tendency within …

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Why Take a Writing Course?

Because, why not? Whilst on my course I was a structured writer working to clear deadlines for two whole years. …

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