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Beauty Workshops/Tasters

Feb 12,18by Cirque

Not sure which career path to take? Thinking about the nail and beauty industry but would like to find out …

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Cirque has come to town

Finally some of Doncaster Town Centre is seeing some rejuvenation when Cirque Talent Academy flung open its doors in December …

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Jan 23,18by Cirque

  Cirque Pamper Parties The struggle to find a girl’s party with a difference has been solved by Cirque Talent …

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Do something valuable

Jan 17,18by Cirque

Often, as career advice, we are told to ‘follow our passions’. That’s all well and good if we know what …

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What are we going to do about it though?

Doncaster or, as the Romans coined it, Don ceaster, has an amazing history. It survived a serious attack during the …

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How to be Unhappy and Stay That Way

Nov 29,17by Cirque

The Cirque Foundation Launch is on 20th December where we will be hosting workshops on mental health, Christmas stalls and …

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Introducing Cirque’s Counselling Support

Nov 14,17by Cirque

Life can be hard; which is why Cirque have invested in this new service – a professional counselling service, and …

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Introducing our Resident Nail & Beauty Tutor, Jane Pickering SSRH, MGTL

Oct 18,17by Cirque

    Jane Pickering joined our team of tutors & assessors here at Cirque Talent Academy, in February 2017. Jane is …

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Writers Block Anyone?

Oct 17,17by Cirque

  If anyone says they have never suffered from writer’s block then they are either a, pulling your leg or …

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Cirque Private Tutoring

Oct 16,17by Cirque

Cirque aims to provide individualised academic instruction in a positive, innovative and caring environment.  Our qualified and experienced Tutors focus …

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