Cirque has come to town

Finally some of Doncaster Town Centre is seeing some rejuvenation when Cirque Talent Academy flung open its doors in December to provide a full floor of entertainment and opportunity to showcase their new facilities on Silver Street in the centre of Doncaster

Who knew that on the top of Doncaster’s night scene, look above and there lies one of the most promising training organisations to reach Doncaster, with over 14 rooms of educational opportunities, what was once an empty building became a hub of activity, with a range of quirky, and exciting rooms that create that home from home experience,  Cirque welcomed one and all to launch of the Charity The Cirque Foundation, with a speech from Military hero Michelle Ping who was Yorkshire’s Woman of the year and trustee, Bobbie Roberts showing her support to the programme.

Vanessa Sullivan opened the charity and set out ambitious plans to open around the clock to provide counselling, CBT and support group sessions. This is already in addition to the other training and education that Cirque offers. Born and bred in Doncaster, Vanessa was keen to make learning a great experience for everyone.

Current programmes include vocational classes in Beauty and Nails at Cirque Beauty School, which are all funded by the DMBC to help unemployed gain vocational skills. Also courses surrounding Employability and Conflict Management along with a Healthy Relationship Course which supports individuals who may have been affected by domestic violence.

Not to mention accredited courses, night classes and much more, it really is easy to see how Cirque can become a great community centre and support the regeneration of the town centre.

Cirque opened it’s doors on the 8thJ anuary, with places available for all funded courses on a rolling problem until July, to apply email

The Cirque Foundation offers counselling services, and is currently available Mondays & Thursday until 9pm, to book an appointment, email

February 6, 2018

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