Domestic Abuse Support for Males

Cirque, in conjunction with Phoenix WoMen’s Aid, are delighted to announce their new domestic abuse program for male victims. This will be a rolling program that will be covering aspects of domestic violence and abuse against men and raising awareness about the complexities involved. This course will also cover healthy relationships.

Recent statistics show that 13.6% of men in 15/16 (13.2% in 14/15) state they have been a victim of domestic abuse since they were 16.

Domestic abuse is generally seen as a ‘woman’s problem’ but here at Cirque we aim to change that with a zero-tolerance attitude towards domestic abuse despite sex or gender, which is why we feel it imperative to tackle this issue.

One victim saying:

“After she hit out at me verbally and physically and destroyed some of her and my personal possessions she either ran out of steam or more often than not she was ‘buzzing’ with that feeling of superiority and euphoria that the exertion of power and control over me had given her. She could then rationalise her behaviour by blaming me saying I caused it”.

“She recovers slowly, minimises the abuse and then slowly it starts again. She becomes threatening, full of her own self-importance and psyching herself up, nobody f**** with me, she used to say, reinforcing her superiority complex. I just didn’t say owt, it was better not to but silently was telling her to shut up. Any digression from her plans, her order or any threat or failure to obey her commands or authority would be lethal. Sometimes my attempts to remain invisible, keep quiet and do as I was told during her psyching up would work and she would calm down. But she would ‘clock’ this, change the rules of engagement and the next time I had to attempt to change tactics. I’d try and reason with her to bring the situation down to a manageable level. Sometimes there was no room for negotiation, no management level could be reached and I had to ride the storm.”

Cirques rolling program starts 28th September from 5.30 – 7pm. For more details contact,

September 27, 2017

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