An Integrated Management System (IMS)

An Integrated Management System (IMS) integrates all of an organisation’s systems and processes in to one complete framework, enabling a business to work as a single unit with unified objectives.

Organisations often focus on management systems individually, often in silos and sometimes even in conflict.

An Integrated Management System is relevant to any organisation, regardless of their market. Integrating several management systems into a unified system (who share documentation, policies, procedures and processes) makes sense.

An Integrated Management System can benefit your organisation through increased efficiency and effectiveness, and cost reductions while minimising the disruption caused by several external audits. It also shows your commitment to increased performance, employee and customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement.

With an integrated management system, you work together, with each function aligned behind a single goal: improving the performance of the entire organisation. Instead of silos, you have a coordinated effort which is greater than the sum of its parts and is not only more efficient but more effective. An integrated system provides a clear, uniform image of your entire organisation, how they impact each other, and the associated risks. Efficiency is gained from less duplication, and it becomes easier to adopt new systems in future.

An IMS allows your management team to create one system that can help to effectively and efficiently deliver your organisation’s objectives. From managing employees’ needs, to monitoring risks and hazards, from reducing inefficiencies and maximising resources, an integrated approach can help you achieve your objectives.

Contrary to many other types of standards, The British Standard (BS EN) management system standards cover multiple aspects, levels and functions and, therefore, their implementation can have a substantial impact on how an organisation operates and manages its business processes. In addition, more and more are applying not only one, but a range of management system standards to satisfy their own needs as well as those of external stakeholders.


November 14, 2017

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