Introducing Cirque’s Counselling Support

Life can be hard; which is why Cirque have invested in this new service – a professional counselling service, and would like to introduce Shaveen Drury who has now joined Cirque.  

Shaveen studied for her first Diploma in Counselling in 2010 and gained her vast experience through several organisations over the years. She has worked with clients from many diverse backgrounds and is constantly training to update her skills, including a current course of study that focuses specifically on depression and other mental health issues.

Shaveen is trained in counselling techniques such as; cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), person-centred counselling, motivational interviewing, solution focused therapy and confidence building. She has experience in the field of substance misuse, both drugs and alcohol, and has experience supporting people who have developed unhealthy coping mechanisms to identify and work towards finding an alternative, healthier way of coping that is beneficial for both mind and body – life changing.

Shaveen also works with victims of domestic abuse, sexual abuse and victims of trauma and will also be working through Phoenix WoMen’s Aid – a domestic abuse charity offering support to both male and female victims, a charity that runs in conjunction with Cirque.

Shaveen has also worked with prisoners, helping to identify healthy ways to move forward both physically and mentally, as well as acting as a mentor for Doncaster probation Service where she offered support and guidance to young offenders enabling them to make positive life changes to secure a better future for themselves. She supported young ex-offenders to learn and manage new skills such as; budgeting, finances, importance of maintaining a positive outlook, education, training, and emotional wellbeing through another local service.

To book a counselling session with Shaveen contact us on 01302 304107 or see website for details:




November 14, 2017

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