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Vesta joined Cirque in February 2017 and has been instrumental not only with our internal Health, Safety and Quality procedures, but also in the delivery of our bespoke courses.

It’s fair to say that Vesta’s career and education has been eclectic, starting off as a Nursing Assistant in 1981, Vesta has worked as a Youth Leader, in a care home, on a Fruit and Veg Stall on Doncaster Market, taking work at a call centre, as a cleaner, managing 500 properties in Doncaster, all whilst building a home and raising 4 children.

Not settling on just working, over the years, Vesta, with an avid interest in education took a course in Child Development Psychology, which lead to her deciding to join university as a mature student to study Social Studies and Literature.

She joined Women’s Aid in 1999 offering advice and delivering training to public sector organisations including social services and magistrates on the effects of domestic violence. Alongside this, Vesta became qualified in Health & Safety and set up a social enterprise to work with organisations from electricians to engineers understand Health & Safety.

Vesta returned to studying in 2012 to take her PGCE, and it doesn’t stop there, with current studies including her IAG and Masters in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition.

Following the closure of Women’s Aid in Doncaster in 2016, Vesta went on to establish Phoenix WoMen’s Aid and joined Cirque Talent Academy as a Tutor and Health & Safety expert.

We are also thrilled to offer the services of Phoenix WoMen’s Aid at Cirque’s new training facility based in Doncaster Town Centre.

Vesta is instrumental in the delivery of our Cirque Skills Pathway course funded by the DMBC, which offers the long term unemployed opportunities to find and secure work, along with working with Women’s Probation, running ESOL for Asylum Seekers, not to mention tutoring the HABC Health & Safety level 3 & 4 and HABC Level 3 & 4 Teaching and Education.

It’s fair to say that Vesta offers incredible talent, wisdom and expertise in any of the courses she runs.

To book onto one of Vesta’s courses, or to request Health & Safety reviews, contact us on

September 20, 2017

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