New Season, New Brows!


 New season, new brows… or so I thought, how wrong I was!!

 How I didn’t realise the microblading phenomenon is for all seasons, people and styles as this is a semi-permanent treatment that would simplify your make-up routine, transforming your features and framing your face, all while reducing the amount of time spent in front of the mirror, “amazing” I said, “now let me have a go”…….

I have been in the Hair and Beauty industry now for 32 years, I have seen different trends come and go, from the fuzzy permed hair with pencil thin eyebrows and multicoloured make-up to the really sleek straightened hair with thick trending eyebrows and minimal tonal make-up, and may I add all on point for the time, trend and decade.  All of which needed time and patience for us ladies to create the perfect look, although I loved doing this in my room spending hours on end trying to create the perfect look, my mum used to say I was a girlie girl, (never actually knowing what this meant until I had 2 girls of my own, one of which is a “girlie girl” and the other a bit of a tom boy, disliking anything to do with hair and make-up) this would sometimes be monotonous, repeating the same routine day in day out, time after time with hair and make-up but every single time I did this I could never get my eyebrows right, the times I have thrown the eye pencil to the other side of the room and had to get my make-up wipes out only to have to start again….

There has got to be an easier way to rectify this, I thought, after going through numerous amounts of eye pencils, not to mention how many pencil sharpeners I went through trying to get the perfect point. Yes there was tattooing brows that had been around for some time but they left you with a blunt drawn in line, which I didn’t find appealing, so I tried HD brows, brill I thought until I had to go every single month to keep them up, and still found I was pencilling in most days. I wanted something quick and easy in the mornings, especially now that I had become a tutor/ assessor, turning up at 8 am every morning to a class full of beautifully made up girls was a little daunting to say the least.

About 2 years ago now I was searching the web for new ideas and new trends that had come out to incorporate some into my lessons, when I came across Microblading !! mmmmm… “what’s this“ I thought, yes my instincts took over and I searched and read up on microblading as much as I could, my findings were immense, including the good the bad and the ugly !!!

So…. What is microblading:

This is a semi-permanent form of make-up for the eyebrows which is much less invasive than getting a tattoo, it can last anything from 1 to 3 years depending on various factors. It was a brow enhancing method created by a Serbian make-up artist called Branko Babic, his method is based on an exact measurement of your natural brows and then finding the golden ratio, the perfect fit for your face. Although it was around 25 years or more ago in Asia, not much is publicised as it is known by numerous names such as microstroking, feathering, hairstroking, the list goes on. I was looking at some pictures on the web and reading all sorts of stories from the good where they were a perfect shape, healed well and lasted, the bad where they had badly scabbed over, fell off and didn’t last or had lost their strokes to the ugly where the wrong pigment had been used and the eyebrows had gone jet black….all this was quite an eye opener, excuse the pun, so yes I researched more and more, finding a salon in London whom had great reviews and had been doing it some time, put your big girl pants on Jane and get it done, you can do this, I thought..

Did it hurt? LIKE HELL….. but worth every single bit of pain. The techniques used and the consultation prior to treatment with the post care instructions were second to none.

What Happened? So the technician cut strokes into my skin with a scary knife like tool, using ink and a million cuts into the skin, well that’s what it felt like, but I was numbed first so the pain wasn’t as bad as I had expected it to be. The procedure took around 2 hours and I was so pleased with the results. The after-care instructions were to leave them alone and if they scabbed do not under any circumstances remove or pull the scab off. I was told to let it come off naturally, not to wash the eye area or get it wet for 10 days just wiping once a day with a cotton pad and luke warm boiled water. However am I going to keep this up? Being in the beauty industry for so long I was a stickler for cleansing, toning and moisturising my face daily, actually twice a day, how on earth would I cope with 10 days of not doing that? But I stuck to the rules as I wanted them to last, so for 10 days I was certain that I followed a strict regime of aftercare instructions, thus ending up with perfect eyebrows, 1, that were there every single morning after cleansing, toning and moisturising, and 2, that didn’t need any silly pencil on them to get the correct shape, as it was there…. This is amazing, it was like all my dreams had come true, taking only 10 mins to complete my make-up in the mornings, no more spending 30 mins trying to perfect my brows, they were there already!!

I had lots of compliments about my brows and questions on how the procedure is done, with most of the people I know wanting it done. Why am I not doing this? Why am I not bringing this into the salon and to my learners? So yes, you guessed it, I went on a course and completed my tutoring qualification for microblading or nanoblading as it is now sometimes called. The course was quite intense, including anatomy and physiology with in-depth consultation techniques and practicing for numerous hours on false skin to perfect the strokes all this before venturing onto clients.

Was I nervous? Definitely yes, my first client was lovely she had never had the procedure done before but was relaxed and was aware of the slight pain/discomfort and that bleeding may occur, which made me more relaxed too I think, she was the perfect model, it was quite something knowing you are just about to slice someone with tiny little blade, scary thoughts were running through my head and I was shaking like a leaf, when I had prepared her and got the blade in my hand ready to start the nerves went, I was concentrating too much to think of anything else.  With the tutor at the side of me the whole time, I felt confident, well I did until the model started to bleed, “it’s fine, it’s natural” the tutor said reassuring me as she must have seen the horror in my face,  “rub in the pigment then wipe it away” she said with no quiver in her voice at all, I couldn’t actually speak at this point, the client was amazing, her eyes were running but she never complained or made a noise of any kind, 3 hours later I was finished. I think the client was convincingly very happy that it was all over. I then cleaned the area and sat the client up, giving her a mirror to check the result herself…”WOW” she said, “I absolutely love them”, there it was, the biggest sigh of relief from me that you could have heard in Australia! “Where’s my next client” I said, wanting more and more, that’s it I was hooked on microblading and have been ever since that day.

Now I have completed numerous procedures of all different tones, skin types and shapes and loved doing every single one of them, some have lasted longer than others due to client’s lifestyles but all have been back for top ups to make them last even longer.

I have now brought my experience to Doncaster, tutoring at Cirque Beauty School, we not only offer microblading but many more courses too, check out our website,

October 17, 2017

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