HABC Level 3 Health and Safety in the Workplace (QCF)

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Course Description

This regulated and nationally recognised qualification is designed to help Learners develop a more advanced knowledge and understanding of health and safety in the workplace.

During this course, Learners will cover a range of health and safety topics, including: understanding the requirements for health, safety and welfare in the workplace, legal requirements, the benefits of using a health and safety system and understanding the risks and control methods for common workplace hazards

Assessment type

This qualification is assessed by a 60 multiple-choice examination lasting 2 hours which will be taken at the end of the course.

Who this course is aimed at

This qualification is aimed at individuals who already work in the capacity of supervisor, manager or team leader and those who are preparing to start work at this level.

Payment and Funding

£375. Payment required in full prior to the start date of the course.

Career Outcomes

Individuals that successfully achieve this qualification may wish to progress to:
HABC Level 3 Award in Risk Assessment (QCF)
HABC Level 4 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace (QCF)


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