Why Take a Writing Course?

Because, why not?

Whilst on my course I was a structured writer working to clear deadlines for two whole years. This would carry on once I left; I had learnt how to be ‘in the zone’ this would surely continue; I would still write for several hours per day and knock out a best seller somewhere along the way, wouldn’t I?


I soon discovered if there was nobody stood over me threatening my eye with the sharp end of a quill, it was easy to let life get in the way of my passion. That when I wasn’t with other writers encouraging writing and ideas, I dried up.

I had lost my motivation. I began thinking maybe writing wasn’t for me after all. Surely if it was, then I would not be able to tear myself away from the page. The back of the fridge, the oven, the skirting boards (that I had never shown any previous interest in) would sparkle and I was never going to write again!

But I was nothing without my passion. I didn’t want to do anything else. How could I get it back? I’d had it once before, it must still be there? I had to write. How would I purge all my anxieties or write about Shirley over the road who’s reported me to the local council for noise pollution after one paltry civilised barbeque?

I had to find another writing class. My mental health, my physical health, EVERYTHING relied on it.

So, on this note here is what I have discovered:

Taking a writing class will help you focus.

Being with other writers encourages you to write.

Writing courses force you to write and practice.

You get the stuff out of your head and onto paper.

It will force you to write and actually finish something.

The parts of the house that nobody sees will remain uncleaned.

After all the only way to become a better writer is to write a lot and read a lot but remember, you can have as much support, critique and encouragement as you want and but nobody can write your book, screenplay, theatre play etc for you. For that you are on your own.

As Stephen King said; “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is hard work.” Stephen King.

Cirque Talent Academy offers several writing courses from a novel writing course to a weekly meetup for writers, both novice and experienced because we can never know enough. See our courses for details.


October 4, 2017

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