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To promote, sustain and advance lifelong learning to benefit the wider community and improve the prospects, future potential and skills of all the people in South Yorkshire and it's outlying districts, in particular those most disadvantaged or hard to reach. Supporting growth by working to reduce unemployment through the creation of positive employment and workforce solutions

The Cirque Foundation works with all people in the local community, we are thrilled to have some prominent figures as our trustees that will work with us to create a service that gives back to the economy. Check out what we offer below.

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Our learners benefit from our counselling services, which address any personal or family issue that can often affect life and opportunities to progress. Our Information, Advice and Guidance services can refer to specialists in the local area if required.


Cirque can assist learners who may be facing hardship or barriers affecting them develop their skills further, all of our learners can apply for childcare support, travel subsistence and a hardship fund to those who may be affected by poverty.


Our business members can access free business consulting if they are in a position of difficulty. Members also benefit from HR Consultancy, Health & Safety review, along with access to workforce through our membership and learner network.

Future Generations

Our future generation programme works with all young people, including helping those not in education, training or employment find the right path and younger children who may need support in behaviour or special education.


Anyone, regardless of age, gender, situation or location will benefit from Cirque at some point in their life. Whether that's as an employer, a learner, on one of our accredited courses, or maybe we'll help your children or grandchildren gain the skills to find lifelong employment. If you care about the future of Doncaster, work with us and our sponsors to create a change.

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We are in the heart of Doncaster and provide a central location to make learning and self development available to everyone.

If you are looking for space for weekly meetings, social groups, community groups or more, contact us to discuss.

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