What are we going to do about it though?

Doncaster or, as the Romans coined it, Don ceaster, has an amazing history. It survived a serious attack during the Second World War when 2 parachute mines fell on the town; recovered from a disastrous fire in 1204 and continued to grow and thrive even despite outbreaks of the plague.  There are lots of amazing facts about Doncaster, not to mention the Beatles playing here in 1963.

We have the racecourse, an airport, a wildlife park (set to become the biggest in the country), Doncaster Rovers, amazing shopping, outlets, cinema, Cast theatre, the new Northern Rail College, the museum…. I could go on but what I want to talk about is something equally as far-reaching.

The underbelly of Doncaster.

‘How do we invent our lives out of a limited range of possibilities, and how are our lives invented for us by those in power?’

Allan Sekula


There are people destitute, there are families destitute. There is a huge problem with homelessness and Doncaster has the highest rate of domestic abuse in the country. And I don’t want to terrify you but there is a huge drug problem. In short – there are a lot of people lost and we need to help them find themselves again. The Cirque Foundation believe we can achieve this through lifelong learning and education.

Now it is easy to disregard all these facts with utterances of ‘it doesn’t touch my life’ and mistakenly thinking ‘that will never happen to me’ and to continue on with our own lives, but if we remain ignorant then are we really prepared for the consequences?

Especially if we have families. Things, communities, do not get better on their own and it is our job to ensure the change that is desperately needed before it is way too late.

It is time to put our actions where our mouths are instead of walking on by, help. Helping others, as Albert Einstein said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” is what WE ALL should be doing and yes, charity begins at home, but it also doesn’t hurt to extend it a little. It feels good to help others and surely helping the vulnerable members of our community is improving things for us, our children, our grandchildren, our future generations. Isn’t that what we are all wanting, a safer, happier, more successful town for our families to raise their families in and above all thrive.

Let’s get Doncaster back to the thriving town that it once was, and could be again. Let’s fight this together.

This is the essence of The Cirque Foundation and we will be holding an event on 20th December 2017 from 2-8pm to share this with you. Please drop in at any time, we have a fun packed day arranged where you can find out how you can support and get involved in change for your community.

To find out how you can help, contribute, volunteer and so much more please come to our launch event, again it is on 20th December. Pop in, come meet us and find out about what we are hoping to achieve. The event will run from 2-8pm and you can register for this at Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-cirque-foundation-christmas-launch-tickets-39870121607?aff=es2

You can also find out more about Cirque at our website: https://cirquetalentacademy.co.uk/



December 6, 2017

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